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Offer better opportunities for children

We have been running activities for children since 2017.
First, in an informal way with our neighbors. Then, in 2018, we started organizing activities at a wider level with local and foreign volunteers.

Nowadays, we offer full scholarships to 4 children, we sponsor 10 children and we welcome about 20 children. The age range varies from 10 y.o to 17 y.o.

Our goal for 2021 is to offer more scholarships and to organize activities for up to 35 children.

Our Mission and Philosophy

We are committed to supporting children in their everyday needs, with a focus on education and health.
We provide a friendly and safe environment for children to spend time outside of their usual environment, keeping them off the streets.

Our goal is to follow the children from school years until they have a job and become autonomous citizens.

Setting realistic goals for Children

Some children have great potential which only needs to be supported and encouraged. Being there for them, and helping out with their everyday needs, we are confident that some of them can study easily past the 12th grade´s examination and later obtain scholarships to study abroad.

In this regard, we are offering sponsorships for foreign language training (French, English, Chinese), depending on the interests of the child.

Some other kids encounter more difficulties, this is the reason why we like to provide school support. Even when dropping out of school early, these children can be oriented to a professional school.

In this case, we ensure that they study at least until 6th grade, so they can master basic reading and calculating abilities. In some cases, they will have to take night classes in order to catch up.

Check out some great activities we have done recently !

-Provide over 3500 meals since January 2018.

-Cooking sessions : cakes, pizza, hamburgers, French salads…

-School support with private teachers for children out of school.

-Make a wall painting with a German friend.

-Register children for capoeira, soccer and canoe kayaking  activities

-Attend theater plays and cultural events

-Teach chess and attend a local chess tournament.

-3 weeks of mathematics classes taught by a French volunteer.

-Surf sessions in partnership with local surf club.

-Sunday pic nic at the beach, swimming and spearfishing.

-Take teenagers to climb the highest peak of São Tomé.

-Organize camping activities (semi-wild environment).

-Study Chinese Mandarin (50 hours) and attend a cultural show.

-Hike the 5 waterfalls path and dance under the rain.

-Pic nic at Cabras Island and climb up to the light house.

-Clean up plots and create vegetable gardens for local families.

-Organize a chess class for the children of the neighborhood.

-Visit the botanical garden and hike up to the Amelia Lagoon.

-Teach basic skill of woodcraft with bamboo.