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Why are we contacting you now ?

CACAE Association is a private initiative taken by a French entrepreneur and Santomean friends and is mainly sponsored by a local Travel Agency.

Running on a small scale, there is always more demand from the families of the kids we are helping. Their brothers, sisters and cousins are all enthusiastic about our project but we do not yet have the capacity to welcome them.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 crisis has completely shut down the tourism economy in São Tomé, and it is now impossible for our main sponsor to provide support.

Therefore, we are now launching a fundraising campaign to keep the project alive. We hope you will take interest in our work and we count on your generosity to keep the project alive. Greatest thanks from the children and the CACAE team.

Be part of the project, support us !

Who are our usual Donors ?

1) Our main sponsor is the local travel agency “São Tomé Paradise Tours” (now closed due to Covid restrictions)

2) Many tourists visiting São Tomé       (now stopped due to Covid..)
They often engage in an activity with the children, teach a small class, share lunch and play some chess game during coffee time. The income of the activity “Meet and teach the local Youth“, is entirely reversed for the association.

3) Some tourists making direct donations      (now stopped due to Covid..)
Whether  they engage or not in an activity with the kids, at least they hear about our work and pay us a visit. Then, they  leave donations according to their financial capacity. In this regards, I would like to thank our friends from Portugal, France and USA who were the main contributors in 2018 and 2019. Thank you Ivona for your encouraging and warm support !

4) Now it is your turn !