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Some examples of activities undertaken during the first years, with a reduced number of children, and a more comprehensive educational approach:

  • Provided over 10.000 meals between January 2018 and June 2021
  • Attended theater plays and cultural events such as art biennale
  • Cooking sessions : cakes, pizza, hamburgers, French salads…
  • School support with private teachers for children out of school
  • Make a wall painting with a German friend and painter
  • Register children for capoeira, soccer and canoe kayaking activities
  • Teach chess and attend a local chess tournament
  • 3 weeks of mathematics classes taught by a French volunteer
  • Surf sessions in partnership with local surf club
  • Sunday pic nic at the beach, swimming and spearfishing
  • Seaturtles hatchling release and night patrol (with NGO Programa Tato)
  • Take teenagers to climb the highest peak of São Tomé (with Paradise Tours)
  • Organize camping activities (semi-wild environment)
  • Study Chinese Mandarin (50 hours) and attend a Chinese cultural show
  • Hike the 5 waterfalls path and dance under the rain
  • Pic nic at Cabras Island and climb up to the light house
  • Clean up plots and create vegetable gardens for local families (during Covid)
  • Organize a chess class for the children of the neighborhood (see chess program)
  • Visit the botanical garden and hike up to the Amelia Lagoon
  • Teach basic skills of woodcraft with bamboo
  • Wild hike and camp on the beach
  • Boat tours to see dolphins (with Paradise Tours)
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