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A Comprehensive approach to Education

At CACAE Association we not only provide food and school support, but we also provide a whole set of educational tools. Our goal is to help the children become strong, well-educated and happy citizens.

In this regard, we offer a wide range of activities, in order to help the children discover and learn new skills.

☆ School support and scholarships
☆ Every day meals (and breakfast during school time)
☆ Sports fees and equipment (canoe, capoeira, soccer)
☆ Chess training and board games
☆ Outdoor activities on week ends (beach, surf, fishing)
☆ Practical activities (DIY, woodcraft, gardening..)

☆ Buying clothes for special occasions (Christmas, Children´s day..)
☆ First-Aid center with basic medicine for small wounds
☆ Financial support for administrative procedures (ID documents..)
☆ Foreign language classes sponsorship

From our understanding, human beings build synaptic connections until the age of 17 years old. By organizing a lot of different activities, we want the children to discover the many aspects of life. If they are good at climbing in mango trees, then may be they need to learn about abstract thinking. If they are good at soccer, may be they need to become better readers.

Our goal is to help the children master a global set of knowledge which will be useful later in their adulthood.

Furthermore, we organize the activities in a family-like environment. The children feel at home, help with the chores, and enjoy the life in a small community.

Recently we welcomed some baby puppies.. While it is common to neglect dogs in São Tomé (too many street dogs), after a few weeks,  the children started to take care of the puppies, willingly giving them a bath, petting them… and in the end asking to adopt one !

Education is a long term investment …. but it is worth it !