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Improving living standards

We try whenever possible to help the families of the children we are taking care of. Improving the social and economic condition of the families has a direct impact on the child and his siblings. All families have access to general support and can make specific requests as well.

General support

-Distribution of Food and Hygiene packs at the beginning of Covid-19 confinement.
Packs included basic food supply (rice, spaghetti, tomato paste, cooking oil, vinegar, wheat, sugar) and hygiene products (soap, detergent).

-Arranging vegetable garden in courtyard for families with available space.
A group of children would help clean the plot (remove plants, banana trees, trashes..) of one family, and then we would go to the next one.

-Help with administrative procedures and fees
Making a passport, or renewing an ID can be difficult when people are far away from the city center or lack funds.

-Help with home activities and presents
How sad would a birthday party be without a cake and a present…?

Specific Support

-Provide small loans with no interest rate for a personal project (repairing the home, installation of electricity…).

-Make a donation to start a small business
The father of one child needed financial support to buy tools and basic materials to start making construction blocks.

Next projects to follow:
-Help buy the stock for a small grocery shop
-Help buy furniture for a small restaurant

 Other projects with families

Hire a wood worker
We would like to run a dedicated project to improve the living conditions of the families. Many homes have broken beds, or too many children sleeping in one bed with no proper mattress, and no clean bed sheets. Walls are naked. There are no closets to put the clothes in, no shelves to put books and other things, and no table with a lamp for the children to do their homework.

If we manage to collect enough resources, we could buy the basic materials (wood planks, nails, saws..) and hire a wood worker. Every week he could work in one home, and by his side, a young adult could be his apprentice.

Do a little painting !
The same principle applies : taking turns to visit families and provide a service. Imagine a team of 6 to 8 motivated teenagers coming in one place to do some refreshing paintings… One day of service to make them discover how enjoyable it can be to help other people. And of course, a great lunch to keep the morale high !

Small means, big changes !