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Volunteering is one of the best way to help a charity organization.

While we are all running after our different activities, jobs, and centers of interest, not mentioning the recent impact of the “screens” in our daily life, it has become more difficult to take some time “off”, away from the noise of the new technologies,

Participating directly in the activities of the Center, teaching and playing with the children, is a wonderful experience that we can only recommend.

Your energy and knowledge will be useful and greatly appreciated.

In the last past 2 years, we had many travelers who took half a day off their journey to “meet and teach the kids” and some volunteers living in São Tomé who helped on a longer basis.

Here are a few examples

☆ French architect teaches drawing perspective and 3D basics.

☆ American traveler teaches basic English language.

☆ Swedish couple teaches basic Swedish language.

☆ French volunteer runs a 3 weeks Mathematics program.

☆ Dutch Honeymoon couple teaches Introduction to Music.

☆ Chinese lady teaches basic Chinese with piano songs.

☆ French volunteer leads bamboo woodcraft activities.

☆ Santomean volunteer organizes Theater class and a small play.

☆ Portuguese volunteer teaches the basics of movie-making.

☆ French traveler teaches how to make French pancakes.

☆ Santomean friend teaches the basics of Taekwondo.

☆ Russian single traveler takes teenagers to the peak of São Tomé.

☆ American traveler offers skateboards and tools to a local surf club.

☆ Ghanean couple offers boat´s empty seat for children to see dolphins.

☆ South African single traveler offers empty seat at gastronomical lunch.

☆ French couple comes for coffee and offers chessboard to the children.

☆ Portuguese Chess referee shares a lunch and play some games