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Donate equipment or books

We require many different kinds of teaching material for the kids to learn how to read, count, practice sport and learn through playing games. Most educational materials are not available in São Tomé and have to be brought in from oversea.

We are looking for the following :
— Basic teaching material – read and write – count
School books (in Portuguese) can be of great help for our teachers
— Drawing and Coloring books (our boys often bring their younger siblings)
Novels for children 6 to 12 y.o (little text, nice pictures, to encourage them)
Comic books (preferably in Portuguese)
— Illustrated books and children encyclopedias
Sport equipment (tennis rackets and balls, soccer shoes, martial art clothes)
Board games (chess, checkers, strategy games)

While it is very easy to buy pens and notebooks in São Tomé, there is not a single library where we can buy educational materials and books. Books can be found for a very reasonable price at flee markets in Europe and some Postal Offices offer very low rates to send book by mail.

If you are not sure about what you would like to send, feel free to contact us.

How to bring the donations in São Tomé ? 

There are three ways to get the donated equipment up to us.

1) Bring it along when visiting

If you plan to travel to São Tomé and want to make an equipment donation, we encourage you to contact us in advance in order to discuss the best options for the children, depending on what you think you can bring. Then, make sure that it fits in your suitcase.

We will be very happy to invite you for lunch at the Center.

2) Give it to a friend traveling to São Tomé

If you live in Portugal, you may have friends visiting São Tomé in the next few months, then we recommend you to kindly ask them the favor to bring over the goods.

3) Send it to our partner in Portugal

If you live outside Portugal, sending goods to São Tomé by mail is possible but may be a bit pricey. We invite you to send equipment and books to a friend of us who is based in Portugal. Since he runs a company in São Tomé, he often sends goods there, and can very kindly allocate some space in his next container to put some extra boxes. Please contact us for the details.

Nota: do not forget to mention that CACAE Association is the RECIPIENT.