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For obvious reasons we do not disclose the portraits of the children with their names. Nevertheless, we would like to introduce them, so you can better picture who they are and why your support will be greatly appreciated.

Each one of them has his personality and centers of interest and each one needs tailored support to overcome his personal challenges.

Our work is not only to help them succeed at school and to become great citizens but also to provide a haven, away from the turmoil of life, and to help them open up to a brighter future.

Presentation of the Children

Davi A. 14y.o

Full beneficiary
Was out of school when we met him. After an outstanding 5th grade, he is moving on to 6th grade in Sept 2020. Friendly boy, great smile, excellent chess player.

Joelson N. 14y.o

Full beneficiary
Hearing impaired. We took him back to school in 2018, but specialized teaching for deaf children is not widely available. Great observation skills, good chess player, excellent canoeing athlete. We hope to send him to Portugal.

Robinho S. 14 y.o

Full beneficiary
Comes from a single parent family with low resources. He is the brainy one of the team, with excellent learning abilities and very good chess player. Likes DIY stuff. Received a toolbox for his birthday.

Elton T. 15 y.o

Full beneficiary
Lives with his unemployed mother. Hard working boy who did not hesitate to take a night job to support his family. He is entering 9th grade in Sept 2020. Strong personality, good strategy game player, excellent cook.

Dalton M. 15 y.o

Partial beneficiary
Looking for a professional training in Sept 2020. He loves to hang out with friends and is very much into “fashion”. He asked for a tailor-made shirt for his birthday. Friendly and easy-going but needs to grow up.

Roberto 12 y.o

Partial beneficiary
Smiling boy, full of energy. Needs to work on his concentration abilities. Likes to play board games, but has difficulties mastering chess techniques. Shows goodwill and is helpful with chores. Will enter 6th grade in Sept. 2020.

Gouma 17 y.o

Partial beneficiary
He is part of the older team. Quiet and observatory character. He likes to watch movies and hang out with his friends. He quit school in 2019, in 6th grade, which he didn´t pass. He is now looking for a professional training. He stills doesn´t know what he wants to do later.

Renilson 11 y.o

Partial beneficiary
Younger sibling who has been visiting us in the last past year. He likes to play chess and is learning the rules of the Center, helping to set the table and with some little chores. He likes to play soccer and later he would like to be a gardener or security guard. Will enter in 5th grade in Sept 2020.

Marco 12 y.o

Partial beneficiary
A smiling one who belong in the youngest group. He likes to play ball and is learning to play chess. Needs help to learn how to concentrate and focus on studies. Has applied for the summer activity canoeing, and will enter in 5th grade in Sept 2020.

Jouciley 12 y.o

Waiting list
The only girl of the Center. Sister of one of the boys, she helps at home with her younger brothers and everyday chores. Not afraid of hanging out with boys, she always bring positive energy and laughs in the activities. Will enter in 6th grade in Sept 2020.

Gerson 15 y.o

Partial beneficiary
Shy and discreet, this boy is always nice and polite. He comes once in a while with his friends and shares a lunch with us. He likes fishing and playing soccer. Enters in 7th grade in Sept. 2020.

Dele 15 y.o

Waiting list
Cousin of one of the boys. They like to hang out together at the soccer field. Dele is a well educated boy living with his parents. He comes sometimes to the center to have lunch and joins in some activities. We would like to see him more often. Will enter in 8th grade in Sept. 2020.


Soon you will find the presentation of : Douby, Lei, Alex, Vadim, Rahi, Renilson, Reinner, Gilberto, Caisha, Ali, Andre, Germison and Jailson...