Volunteering is one of the best way to help a charity organization.

Nowadays, the pace of our lives seems to never stop- and screens are keeping our minds always busy – it´s hard to take a moment off – disconnect from technologies to better reconnect to others.

Sartres was wrong – Paradise is others – in a truthful, friendly and honest sharing moment. Nothing at stake – just being there – and sharing with others.

There is nothing more beautiful than the gift of oneself – Your energy and knowledge will be useful and greatly appreciated.

In the first years of the program, many travelers took half a day off their journey to “meet and teach the kids”. Some volunteers even came and helped us for longer period of time.

Here are a few examples to get inspired !

  • French architect teaches drawing perspective and 3D basics.
  • American traveler teaches basic English language.
  • Swedish couple teaches basic Swedish language and then play chess
  • French volunteer runs a 3 weeks Mathematics program.
  • Dutch Honeymoon couple teaches Introduction to Music.
  • Chinese lady teaches basic Chinese with piano songs.
  • French volunteer organize bamboo woodcraft activities.
  • Santomean volunteer organizes theater class and a creates small play.
  • Portuguese volunteer teaches the basics of movie-making.
  • French traveler teaches how to make French pancakes.
  • Santomean friend teaches the basics of Taekwondo.
  • Russian traveler takes teenagers to the peak of São Tomé.
  • American traveler offers skateboards and tools to a local surf club.
  • Ghanean couple offers boat´s empty seat for children to see dolphins.
  • South African single traveler offers empty seat at gastronomical lunch.
  • French couple comes for coffee and offers chessboard to the children.
  • Portuguese Chess referee shares a lunch and play some games…


For more information, just contact us !