Candles Church Prayer Light Flame  - tahseenwahdat / Pixabay

Pray for Us

Who can still ignore the power of the prayer ?! It makes us more serene and gives energy and optimism is the difficult times.

Join us in thought, and send your prayers for our members and children.

We need them and we will be very thankful.

Let your friends know about us

In case you may not have the possibility to financially support us or to be a volunteer, you can help us by letting the world know about our activities and services.

You can share this website and our Facebook page to your contact list so they will know that your support us and believe that our Mission is right.

Finger Feedback Confirming  - geralt / Pixabay

Travel with our main sponsor

When planning a trip to São Tomé, you can visit the site of our main sponsor, a local travel Agency named “São Tomé Paradise Tours”.

They organize tailor-made trips and excursions, and offer a wide range of activities. You can check their Google review, their Facebook page, TripAdvisor page and of course and their website : www.saotome-paradise.com

They work with local guides and 15% of their benefits are directly reversed to CACAE Association. By traveling with them, you will combine a wonderful traveling experience as well as contribute to the life of our Association.

Not to mention that if you contact them on our behalf, you will be treated with the greatest care, and receive some welcome gifts.