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About teaching Chess

We consider that the goal of education is to help the children develop more skills, experiment more situations, and in the end, develop a wider knowledge of his environment.

We believe  in the many positive benefits of chess :
☆ Increase concentration capacity
☆ Abstract thinking and projection
☆ Etiquette and respect of other player
☆ Spirit of competition
☆ Complex thinking and problem solving
☆ Leadership when teaching to others
☆ Gain in self confidence when playing with adults

a young chess player

Abstract thinking is also an important key.

Can you imagine ? It is possible to keep children out of the streets, and give them new perspective, simply with a wooden board and 32 pieces !

We organized a two-days chess class in the neighborhood in April 2020, in response to Agadmator (real named Mr Radic), a chess You-tuber who launched the "Teach Chess Challenge".

You can check our video and see for yourself !


Opening a Chess Club

As you may have seen in the Youtube video, we organized a chess class for the neighborhood just before we got confined due to the Covid-19.

After the 2 days class, we left a few chess boards and pieces and some of the older kids started playing at night, just by the shop. The whole excitement started there... young rookies challenging older players.. and some promising players being discovered.

Now we are planning to officially open a Chess Club in the exact neighborhood. We spotted a place that could be used as a local social center and where we could store the equipment. We will also have to prepare some budget to pay the teachers, and to buy some chess boards. In this regard, we are looking for donation of chess clocks and inspirational books in Portuguese.

Making our own equipment

We are considering a local handcraft association to make chessboards and pieces.

In fact, we have already started to make teaching material and the project is ongoing. It is composed of round wood pieces, with a print of the piece stuck on it. The wooden piece has a small magnet in the back, and now, we just need to find a thin steel board and a easel-like support.