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Why Sponsor a Child ?

We are now fully supporting five children on a daily basis, but we receive friendly visits from more than 20 children from two different neighborhoods. As our structure is too small to welcome them all at once, we have to ask them to take turns.

Sponsoring a Child will enable us to dedicate your donation to one child and follow him all along the year.
Then if you wish, you will be in regular contact with your “protege” and you will follow his progression (school bulletins, photographs, report of activities, short videos).

The more Sponsors join our program, the more children we can support.

Education support is a long term plan, based on the vision that if only ONE child per family gets to succeed in his studies, and possibly obtain a scholarship to study abroad, he will be able to chose the profession of his dreams : doctor, lawyer, scientist, teacher, engineer, interpreter etc…

Empowering a child in meeting his life aspirations is also a great way to help his family rise out of the endemic poverty loop.

Options to Sponsor a Child :

You can choose the sponsoring option that you prefer:

Basic Sponsorship : 40€/month, includes school fees, transportation, breakfast and lunches.

Complete Sponsorship : 60€/month, on top of Basic Sponsorship, it includes clothes and extra-curricular activities (sport on week days and outdoor activities on week-ends)

Free Sponsorship : choose the amount you want to sponsor per month. It will add up with other similar sponsorships until it reaches a sufficient level to fully sponsor a child.

Group sponsorship : team up and gather the contributions of your friends and family members in order to reach a sufficient amount to fully sponsor a child. For example, if 8 people team up for 5€ per month per person, this is enough to ensure a child´s education. Involve your community !

 Nota: Make sure you select to make a monthly donation. Sponsorship starts at 5€ per month.

Get to know the children :

If you want to know more about the children that we are sponsoring, we invite you to visit the following page : Meet the children.

There you will find a presentation of each child and you may understand how important your contribution to their future can make the difference.

Little means, great outcomes !